French / German history

The most often discussed

The Maginot Line, the massive series of fortifications built by France in the 1930s to defend it’s borders with Germany and Italy, is perhaps the most often discussed defensive system ever built. Although it was the most sophisticated and complex defensive system built up to that time, serious errors made by the High Command were ultimately responsible for a crushing defeat of France in 1940.



During and after the war, the line was collectively forgotten out of shame, and kept under wraps by a nation for decades to come. Numerous untrue stories and tales based on a twisted reality became for many people and history books, the 'truth'.


Living history

Nowadays, quite a lot of surviving forts (ouvrages)/casemates are restored by enthousiastic volunteers, sometimes aided with communal funds, to tell the real story of the Maginot Line.

Go and visit!

We, owners of this website, whould like to advise everyone who has interest in this subject, to visit these museums. Hard work and sheer dedication have often led to fantastically restored historical sites! Besides that are some places which are hard to find and pretty dangerous. We will show you some pictures do not reveal where to find them and do advice to visit the official sites.



This page is dedicated to the people living and dying in these fortesses. The people tried to make their life comfortable in these cold environments. Most of the people nowadays wont be able to visit these places and the decay will destroy more and more of the artwork of the people.


From time to time, we will visit sites and update our collection of photographs.

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