P.O. de Rohrbach * - Sector Rohrbach

First visit: 24.04.2010
Last visit: 24.04.2010

The "Fort Casso" is located near Rohrbach le Bitche and consists of 3 blocks. Unlike the Simserhof has this fort been made available in all parts.
You can take a tour with lasts at least 2 hours and lets you take a nice gaze at the life in that time.
All Bunkers are restored and there has been build a museum inside the blocks. You are allowed to touch everything and, if you want, you can help to spin the turret and so on.

Our rating:

Guidance - Grade A


Association Fort Casso
Rue du Chanoine Châtelain, 57410 Rohrbach-les-Bitche
Phone: 03 87 02 70 41
Homepage: http://www.fortcasso-maginot.com/
E-Mail: fort.casso@wanadoo.fr

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Bloc 3


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